The advantages of ZTA ceramic tile

ZTA - Aluminum Zirconium

Zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA ceramic) is a composite of alumina and zirconia which leads to an increase in strength and fracture toughness as compared to other ceramic materials.


ZTA ceramic tile has its own good characteristic:

1.Increased Fracture Toughness

The high fracture toughness makes it very good edge strength and makes the material ideal for components subjected to impact loading.

2.Excellent Wear Resistance

During the sintering process, an extremely smooth microstructure is achieved which leads to superior wear performance.

3.Good Thermal Conductivity

ZTA materials provide for good dissipation of heat generated by friction.


ZTA ceramic tile applications:

1. Clinker system: belt head hopper, belt head hopper, belt, machine skirt, trolley three-way hopper, receiving hopper, etc.;

2. Batching system: mixing silo, primary mixing cylinder, secondary mixing cylinder, mixing disc, pelletizing disc, etc.;

3. Sintering material conveying system: distribution chute, beneficiation hopper under vibrating screen, cyclone dust collector and pipeline, blast furnace hopper, trolley, blast furnace discharge tank, fan impeller, etc.;

4. Coking system: coke hopper, hopper, coke running chute, impact-resistant coke receiving hopper, coal transfer chute, grid screen, etc.;

5. Ironmaking coal injection system: cone hopper, separator baffle, outlet pipe, pulverized coal pipe, burner cone, outlet pipe, coarse and fine powder separator, pulverized coal pipe, elbow, inner shell of powder discharge machine, impeller Wait;

6. Dust removal and ash discharge system: dust removal pipe, dust removal elbow, dust removal tee, tail dust removal pipe, ash falling pipe, ash discharge pipe, etc.

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