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Where could ZTA ceramic tiles be used?

ZTA ceramic tiles have high hardness , high wear resistance,strong toughness and high impact resistance.So it can be used in some harsh industry environments:

1. Coal conveying system: coal drop hopper, coal drop pipe, bucket wheel disc, drum rubber bag, raw coal bunker;

2. Pulverizing system: medium-speed coal mill barrel, separator outlet pipe, primary air pipe and elbow, separator inner cone, guide vane;

3. Powder feeding system: powder ejector shell, powder ejector impeller, pulverized coal pipeline, temperature measuring instrument protection sleeve, pulverized coal mixer, expansion joint;

4. Steel ball mill system: mill outlet pipe, sawdust separator, coarse and fine powder separator, powder return pipe;

5. Ash discharge system: ash discharge pipeline, dry ash fan casing, dry ash fan impeller, air valve plate and cylinder wall, slag conveying pipeline;

6. Desulfurization system: limestone transportation pipeline, slurry transportation pipeline;

7. Dust removal system: induced draft fan guide impeller, induced draft fan housing, dust removal pipeline, dust removal elbow, dust removal tee, etc.

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