Do you know the difference between ZTA ceramic tiles and alumina ceramic tiles?

The difference between ZTA ceramic tiles and 95% alumina ceramic tiles:

1. Corundum ceramic is an ideal structural ceramic material. It has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, good insulation, high strength, and light weight. It is widely used in industrial sectors, such as thermal power, steel, cement, smelting, Chemical and other industries.


2. The Mohs hardness of natural alumina is higher than that of cubic zirconia, but from the perspective of industrial wear resistance, it depends on both the hardness and the toughness of the ceramic. The hardness and toughness are both high to show its good wear-resistance. Therefore, at room temperature, pure alumina has higher hardness than pure zirconia, and theoretically it is more wear-resistant. However, alumina wear-resistant ceramics are a mixture of artificial ingredients, then dry pressed and sintered at 1680°C, and are not pure corundum. Therefore, it depends on the alumina content of the ceramics. There are many kinds of ceramics on the market, such as 99% , 95% , 92% , 85% alumina ceramics, etc. Zawa focuses on the wear-resistant ceramic industry and the hardness of wear-resistant ceramics produced by zawa is second only to diamond.

3. ZTA ceramics is based on alumina with a certain amount of zirconia ceramic ingredients. The wear resistance and toughness are between alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics. Although the price of zirconia ceramics is relatively high, the ZTA ceramic tiles still can be accepted by most of foreign customers because of its high performance.

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