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What factors affect the strength of wear-resistant ceramic tiles?

Ceramic wear-resistant tile is a very widely used product. Wear-resistant ceramic tiles have many advantages and have a lot of praise in the industry.The performance of wear-resistant ceramic tiles is beyond the reach of many materials. What factors affect the strength of wear-resistant ceramic tiles?


1.Pretreatment of wear-resistant ceramic tiles 

Many manufacturers omit this step or shorten the pre-treat time of wear-resistant ceramic tiles due to cost considerations, but often cost-saving practices will directly lead to the reduction of the strength of the finished wear-resistant ceramic sheets, which are prone to cracking and are not impact resistant.The consequences of a price war often lead to a decline in the quality of the entire industry. After a few years, the market will be further subdivided. Companies that take the low-end route will easily follow the trend in the cruel market competition and then be eliminated by the market.


2. The particle size of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet material.

When preparing the wear-resistant ceramic sheet material, only by grinding to sufficient fineness can the color and fineness of the finished product be guaranteed. A good finished product has a jade texture from the outside, and is closely arranged, dense, dense, and wear-resistant The strength of the ceramic sheet is also high.


3. Firing temperature and stability.

For different materials, the best firing temperature of the wear-resistant ceramic tile is also different. If the sintering temperature is too high and the molding time is too short, the relative toughness of the wear-resistant ceramic tile is insufficient. If the sintering temperature is too low and the tile is not burned through,the internal and external qualities are different. Nowadays, tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns are generally used to fire wear-resistant ceramic sheets in China, and the temperature of the kiln head and the kiln tail are also inconsistent. Therefore, the products must be matched according to their actual conditions during production.


The factors that affect the wear-resistant ceramic tiles are not only the temperature range, the erosion strength of the particles, the force condition, but also the characteristics of the corrosive medium, the size of the incident angle of the hard particles, and other factors. In short, the strength of wear-resistant ceramic tiles is affected by these factors.Only when these are less affected, the wear-resistant tiles can exert great performance characteristics.

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