How many do you know wear-resistant tiles?

Ceramic wear-resistant tile has excellent abrasion and wear resistant property,so it is an  ideal ceramic material for using in transfer chutes, conveying pipe systems, hoppers, etc.  Typical applications include grain, coal-fired power generation, mining, cement, and more. Ceramic tiles are adhered to a substrate with cement, mortar, epoxy, or RTV silicone.

Zawa can produce a full range of high-density, wear-resistant alumina fine-grain ceramic wear tiles to prevent erosion and abrasion in conveying and bulk material handling systems.The grade of alumina ceramic is next to diamond in hardness and its wear-resistant property is 12 times more than carbon steel, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Wear-resistant alumina tiles, which are of excellent wear-resistance, impact-resistance, easy operation are ideal surface ceramic materials for material transfer equipments in mining, iron &  steel works, thermal & power plants, mine, etc, and can greatly extend the operating life of equipments effectively. Theoretically the life time of the alumina ceramic is about 260 times longer than that of manganese steel and 170  times longer than that of chrome steel. Need wear-resistant tiles, choose Zawa!

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