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The main application of wear-resistant tiles

Wear-resistant  ceramic linings, also known as wear-resistant alumina linings and wear-resistant tiles, are mainly used in the following areas:


1. Power plants: garbage power generation, straw power generation, coal-fired power generation, waste heat power generation.


Flue, desulfurization system, denitration system, mill inlet and outlet pipes, powder exhaust fan and inlet and outlet pipes, coarse and fine powder separator and inlet and outlet pipes, powder feeding pipes, combustion devices, ash removal equipment and pipes, dust removal pipes, fly ash separation system Pipes and equipment, etc.


2. Cement plant: coal mill inlet and outlet pipes, powder exhauster and inlet and outlet pipes, powder separator and inlet and outlet pipes, cyclones and inlet and outlet pipes, high-temperature circulation fan inlet and outlet pipes, and pulverized coal transportation pipes


3. Steel plant:


Raw material conveying system: belt head hopper, belt head hopper, trolley three-way hopper, and feeding hopper.


Batching system: mixing silo, primary mixing cylinder, secondary mixing cylinder, mixing disc, pelletizing disc.


Sintering material conveying system: beneficiation hopper under vibrating screen, long-distance beneficiation hopper, silo.


Dust removal and ash discharge system: dust removal pipe, elbow, tee, ash falling pipe, dust removal pipe at machine tail.


Coking system: coke hopper.


Ironmaking coal injection system, medium-speed mill: cone, separation baffle, outlet pipe, pulverized coal pipeline, burner cone.


Steel ball mill: outlet pipe, coarse powder separator, fine powder separator, pulverized coal pipe, elbow, inner shell of powder discharge machine


Steel rolling workshop: slag flushing pipeline


4. Smelter:


5. Chemical plant: drying kiln, mill system pipeline, material conveying pipeline


6. Coal chemical industry: coal slurry pipeline


7. Titanium dioxide plant: powder separator and system pipeline


8. Glass melting plant: furnace, flue and dust removal system


9. Dust removal equipment manufacturer: cyclone at the entrance of the dust collector, dust conveying system


10. Coal washing plant: slag washing pipeline, mixer, chain scraper, etc.


11. Coal coking plant: drum dryer, chain scraper


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