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What is the advantage of wear-resistant tile?

Alumina wear-resistant tile is a wear-resistant material for material-transportation equipment or liquid flowing pipelines in petroleum, mining, steel mills, power plants and other industries. Its main role is to effectively resist the impact that the materials to the pipe wall, the corrosive effect of the chemical substances, the thermal shock generated by the material to reduce the wear on the equipment parts.Thereby,wear-resistance lining can greatly reduce the cost of frequent maintenance and extend the service life of the equipment. It is the first choice for  impact resistant and corrosion resistant materials in industry.


Characteristics of wear-resistant ceramic alumina tile: it has the characteristics of wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, convenient construction, etc. It is a material for industries such as power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, cement, chemical industry, machinery (such as ash and coal) Powder, ore fines, tailings, cement, etc.) The ideal material for the wear-resistant surface of the conveying equipment is very safe and reliable for use in high-temperature corrosion, high-temperature wear or high-temperature erosion.


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